Tuesday, 24 July 2012

With Sympathy: The Dark Knight Rises

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sorrow for the community of Aurora – in particular, passing on my thoughts to families and friends of the victims. As we all know and understand, it was an unjustifiable and heinous crime that has deeply touched people around the globe. 

The Dark Knight Rises is a film that should be enjoyed by all - it is unfortunate that it will now be forever associated with a time that has been disturbing for so many people.

It is a great film that unravels gradually (albeit a bit long in places). Anne Hathaway's portrayal of Cat Woman was outstanding - she balances the tenacity of Cat Woman with the innocence and desperation of Selina perfectly. The action and special effects of the film were colossal.

Cinema is something that society has enjoyed for generations - it offers us a release from reality, if only for 90 minutes. These are things that should be celebrated - it is a shame that one individual has made it cause for such grief and misery. Once again, I offer my thoughts and sympathies to those who were targeted at the cinema on Friday.


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